How it fell…

I believe that everything happens for a reason. A single mom, working on her thesis while working full time and now her mom has Alzheimer’s Disease.

God has blessed me with so much – from all that I gather from my walk with Him. People can talk on and on about the various weight of our personal loads of want and care but what should be pointed out is how we trust Him during these times. Are we going to trust Him and daily breathe through every moment that He gives us or are we to live a life of dismissing our need for a communion of hope and wither away in a deep sadness that is willingi to pervade?

I find that I lean on Him more so at these times than when times are good. i seek Him when darkness threatens to overwhelm. I love my God and I know that I can trust Him.  He builds my faith through hard times and a willing heart that listens to obey. He gathers my hand in his own to lead me through quiet moments. He is my rock and my salvation.

My mother might be losing “it” but the memories and her personality I shall forever remember and hold through this transition of pain and uncertainty.


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