As she dreamed, within a walk…

tears fall from her eyes . in remembrance . a little girl forgotten

shielding her eyes from the glare . as she portends the fate of hurt . the little girl remembers

she holds a grip of flowers . unused . beautiful . long long stems

she walks to the water, a little stream behind and looks deeply into the water, she pauses . a little smile . then . toss

the flowers thrown into water . immersed from the overflow . as the tide overwhelms . the petals lay flat

the reds and greens, the orange and yellow . mix with the green of the valley of deep water

she peruses the land before her . little knowing what she is doing . she tiptoes across the stream . smiling gently to herself

and on she walks . to where . she doesn’t understand . but the trees are high, the sky is blue and the warmth of moist air soothes her

and she walks . this little girl . an explorer of herself . to see the world through ingrained eyes . a future of crossing streams


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