off topic….it’s Bob

Last night a woman knocked on my door. It was Diana who lives next door. She was drunk and upset. She had been calling my immediate neighbor Bob for over a week and he wasn’t responding. She noticed that his kitchen light was on and was very concerned.

I found my masters key and unlocked his apartment.

The stench of the dead filled my nostrils. She went in, I stepped back.

Crying hysterically, she exited his apartment and said he was on the floor – dead. I called 911.

Medics came and confirmed his death. Police came to rule out foul play. The coroner came and took his body away.

I have lots of memories of Bob. He has been our tenant forever. He was there when my dad bought the building.

He didn’t like me at first but I won him over and he was soon calling me instead of the police to solve grievances at the apartment.

He was an enterprising young man but something happened that changed his life forever. He became sad and woebegone. The world was against him. He was in car accident after car accident – always attracting the worst.

We can learn from people like Bob. We can learn to not be like them. We can learn to move the self-imposed walls of impasse and embrace life as if there was no “shit” about it. We can welcome each moment whether they bring life or death.

Bob lived in the horrible second guessing of the future.

As I move through my mother’s disease, I pray that I can help her to embrace the moments and not let anxiety rule her life.

There was just something about Bob – the victim of something lost ~ forever, so it seemed.

Let us push, move and leap over the obstacles…

Let us embrace the obstacles, thus removing their power forever.


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