not to know how to understand…

Her book. The tome of her existence – how she lived, her experiences, her stuff. Held in the comfort of a spiral spring.

Her book follows her childhood in its twists and turns with a bit of heartache – the loss of a brother, her best friend. Moving on to a young, vulnerable woman who is unaware of the dangers of the effects of loss on her future life. How the decisions she made will affect her life and many others.

It is interesting how the lack of awareness helps her to grow. She had many friends and lived an existence full of grace and beauty. She has class and style, a sense of humor, and much love. Whether or not she exhibits these characters is irrelevant to those of us who love her for who she is – who we see her to be.

We do know how to understand Ruth as friend and mother, as neighbor and wife.

What would it be like to not know how to understand.


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