How new information creates interesting holidays…

My parents returned from Hawaii on Christmas Eve. They came in at 10:30 and since it was so early, they went to Christmas Eve service.

They had dinner at a Chinese restaurant the next day with my brother Paul.

The Christmas’ of yesteryear were either spent on the road as we drove to and from San Francisco to Seattle or were spent at another family’s home. I always thought this was odd. We had a beautiful tree that my mother decorated too much; not a limb was left without decoration. Presents under the tree were mostly for me but my dad would hide these exquisite packages of jewelry around the tree for my mother. They are so in love.

Sometimes my brothers and sisters would join us for the holidays. Homemade eggnog, turkey, oyster stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy, green salad…we had it all.

And now, with the new information of her impending alzheimer’s, I find myself living the days of yesteryear rather than making new memories.


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