Good Times…

We are all a-swirl in good time. Rejoicing at the moments of lucid conversations, laughing at our mistakes, and embracing each moment.

How those moments are  becoming more and more precious to me. The news from my son’s schools of a student carrying a gun on campus. In everything, breathe a prayer of thanksgiving and bless each moment with peace and confidence.

Good Times for us meant to sail away to the San Juan Islands early in the morning. The cold breeze numbing my hands as they loosened the line or held the tiller – that cold breeze would tell of a fortuitous day when the wind would be nominal and the straits, bearable. The lull of the boat swaying from side to side, was a gentle reminder of being held in my mother’s arms. And now, she and my dad would be on top taking turns looking at the sunset and sharing a thermos of coffee.

We used the fog horn to waken the bridge keeper who would open the bridge for us. This was back in the day when you could open the bridge at any time – now there are scheduled times to cross under bridges safely without harming the mast.

Exploding in anticipation from the Locks to the Sound was always a relief and joy. Breathing the best of air, watching sea lions, seals, orcas, porpoises and an occasional whale surface to see who had disturbed their ripple.

Going forth. Sailing north.

Good times.


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