Oftentimes as a child, I would wake up to a piece of toast next to my bed and a cup of Russian tea. How I loved that tea. It was the best. Memories like that and recreating them is now a delight that I own and love to do for myself and my children.

Other mornings were infused with a mother making a farm breakfast or a continental breakfast for her bed and breakfast guests. My mother would make this glazed lemon bread, orange bread with homemade orange butter, or serve croissants. We would go to the market at the end of Mission Street every Saturday to buy the best apple juice and fruits for her guests. These were the best of times for me and I am grateful to have such memories.

Breakfast on the boat meant that the food would smell like kerosene but not taste like it. She managed to cook hash browns, an egg scramble including links of sausage or breakfast steaks. We would sit in the galley, where I was previously sleeping to eat our breakfast with the sway of the boat and the sound of the seagulls.

Fun Times.



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