…on the water

My mother canoed all over the Puget Sound with her best friend, Marilyn.

They would take a couple cans of spam, beer, cigarettes – they were set.

Meeting every animal and person from porpoise, grey whale to tug boat captains, they had a grand time.

She grew up on the water. Her parents had a boat on the “poor” side of Day Island. The rich side was where the grand houses such as those of the Foss Family, were firmly established. She delivered papers to the Foss’.

My mother’s dad, whom we fondly called, Grandpa Red (due to the color of his hair) established the Day Island Yacht Club. His boat was a lovely Chris Craft that held Grandma Ida, my mother and their cocker spaniel, Cindy (the creature I am named after).

So many adventures.

…on the water.



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