…to hear simplicity

As a child, we hear many a “no.” Sometimes these “no’s” are not reasoned with an understanding parent but a parent who doesn’t listen to us.

My parents are not always the best of listeners but when they give the undivided attention that should be the normal, I have learned to be short and sweet.

Parents need to be more understanding as their position of a guardian. They are effectively the first example of interaction and communication between two or more people. If they wish for their children to do such and such and be, such and such – they must abide in the model with which they want to purvey. It is through their actions and word or the lack thereof, where a child finds inaction and the novelty of how their parents move through life, becomes their own.

As for my mother, to hear the simplicity of her, “I love you peaches” in her somewhat overbearing love that missed the primal need for connection, is indeed precious to hear.

Remembering her through her touch on my life including how she caressed my cheek and her need to kiss my elbows, allows me to move forward as she listens more intently to me – than ever, before.

And now, I get the attention. It’s never too late to hear the simplicity.


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