scarves, scarves all around

My mother raised her children from the 60’s to the 80’s. This was a time when scarves were in fashion. My mother was very fashionable and had a certain air that separated her from others. She dresses well and her outfits are always complete even to matching her makeup.

Recently, she gave me ten scarves and I have hung them in my bedroom. Colorful scarves, colors from which other clothes can match as one derives the smallest detail of color into a blossom of blouses that set off an outfit.

I remember my mother tying scarves around her neck and knotted at the side. A jumper, perfect jewelry and the right shoes, would complete the outfit.

I, on the other hand, liked the simplicity of black and now wear much of black as my go to outfit. Yet, I still display the scarves. From them, I see the color of my mother’s twinkling green eyes and her personality that invites and embraces others into friendship.

Scarves, scarves all around…to remind me of her.


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