…a kept woman

My mother encouraged me in my pursuits.

Resisting being fashionably clothed, I chose chemistry sets, creating radios and even dissecting our goldfish when they died. I delighted in creating battleships and worked on cars – kits, mind you. Not the real thing. The smell of that glue was a comfort to me. I worked on an old kitchen queen table that once was the center of an older kitchen, holding flour and sugar.

Sending me to the Academy of Golden Gate Sciences, ensuring that I received season tickets at the Children’s Opera House, and completing my education with piano lessons taught me to embrace cultural values that I hold close today. She elevated my status while helping me to understand others who are not so privileged.

She was not a kept woman in the shadows of hidden slavery, but she kept herself as a woman, growing. Raising a young and beautiful daughter in the middle of an unsafe city. She helped me to be a kept woman – a woman raptured and grounded by nature.



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