I have faced derision most of my life. But what is derision? It is the impact of popular thought voiced through arrogant words that inflict one’s ego.

Ego. Ah. And there it is…again.

The constant flux of critical words aimed at me has prepared me for a world where doors are closed if not instantly teased open through insipid words of useless thought.

Negative thoughts and feelings arise from a misplaced ego. An ego that feeds from a selfish person who embraces the simplicity of the world being against them.

This ego – a horrid, dark, ugly mark on the world – breaks the world apart due to mentalities that relegate a teachable heart to a hated void. A void bereft of any class or style of being grounded despite the onslaught of direct opinions.

It’s the balance of not minding, not caring but extending a caring mindset towards others.

My ego still arises but is now tempered with the power of grace.

The incessant strains of  comes from weak people who mock others that are unlike their preconceived notion of self.

…derision. Not a good thing, at all.


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