…the gathering

It is wonderful how (so far) my brother, sister and I are helping to manage my parent’s household.

My mother is to drink 50 ounces of water each day. Yesterday I found the pitcher in the dishwasher. It is now washed and filled with water and lemons. It must look pretty for my mother.

The pills! Oh gosh, the pills. There are so many and some are very cute. I fill the pill boxes and see those that are forgotten or neglected. I’m pretty sure that my dad assumes that my mother won’t take two of the same pills but leave one for the afternoon. So many sizes, shapes and colors!

Cleaning my mother’s office. She has her housecleaner working on her office and is giving her things to sell. So there’s that ~

Overall, this has drawn my sister and I closer over the past two weeks than we have been in the past five years. It’s nice. My brother? Well, he’s playing the proverbial man and letting his sisters take care of everything but the finances…yes. There is that.

For me, this is the…gathering.


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