Shopping with Mother

Shopping with my mom was always a lot of fun. She was easy though – too easy. I could have whatever I wanted but I held back. I always thought that was weird and didn’t want to take advantage of her gracious heart.

But shopping meant to drive to three or four stores where we would collect that which was the best in those stores. They included the fruit and vegetable market on 22nd & Irving. Here, my hand would be slapped from other buyers as I plunked apple after apple into a bag without smelling, thumping or feeling it. We would finish our purchase with Armenian flat bread – a dimpled, tasty treat.

Cala Market, Petrini’s and the Market on top of Yerba Buena (I think), gave us generic peanut butter and beer, a hazelnut spread before its time, and grapes. Being so close to wine country, we had the most delicious grapes to eat. My mother and I would often eat these grapes on the way home.

Once at home, she would take a nap and I would hie myself up to my bedroom to read or write.

It was the best life…shopping with Mother.


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