Her ice box…

The title reminded me of my mother talking about how her grandparents would store their food in ice caves that were not too far from home. For now, I wish to talk about the contents of her refrigerator.

As I finger the contents of her fridgerator, gauging old and new by reading labels, I many items that are the same.

Some food is meant to be frozen.

There are two bags and one partial bag of frozen hash. Tucked behind the jars of salad dressing, is a used bag of carrots. I combine that with a brand new  bag of carrots in hopes that they will select vegetables from the open one first.

She is to eat lots of protein and is now gluten free. No breads yet there is bread on the left side of the second shelf.

Then the cheese. There is havarti, swiss, cheddar cheese – all deli style for her to select from. There are two packages of liverwurst, and a sampling of salami to create cheese plates that now composes her repast.

There are plans in the works to enable meals to be created simply and easily. Yet my parents eat out at least once a day and bring home leftovers that are never consumed.

Her ice box holds a wonderful selection of healthy food. Let’s hope that they start to use it more.


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