from mother to daughter to daughter to daughter, etc…

And that’s how it goes, yes?

For some women, all that we are is due to our mother. Whether it is following in her footsteps, amending some of her ways for ourselves, and not allowing certain things that she does to impact our own lives.

She says that she wasn’t as strong as I am.

Divorcing a man who drank and abused her regularly?

Did she not raise three children under the age of 5, alone? Working and paying rent on a small house to survive.

Has she not lived in volatile neighborhoods and began their first Block Watch program? Did she not allow a polling booth to be set up in the basement of our Queen Anne?

She fearlessly moved from a small farm to a big city and then on to an even bigger city – in her 50s!

If anyone is in awe of her, I am. I wouldn’t be the sassy wench I am today, if  it had not been for her exampling the positives and negatives of our genetic makeup.

I hope and pray that my daughters watch me as well. They will see the good and the bad and the very ugly. Prune as they will to forego the negatives and hone and skillfully wrought themselves as their own pieces of art.

From mothers to daughters…


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