My father’s birthday, part three

Aside: Father is only capitalized if it is used as a noun and not a subjective.

Friday was my father’s birthday. I bought him a hanging basket of begonias that had bright orange blossoms. I took him out for lunch. He ordered a salad. (He knows I report to mom everything that he eats (he has a  bad heart)).

Aside: many asides without the noted parentheses

After lunch was over and we said our goodbyes, I went to pick up my youngest, after school. When I came back home, I found him in the parking lot of the apartment building scarfing down a cupcake.

Now for drama.

My ex-sister-in-law who is still in the picture because she lived on the farm next to ours (this was before before), wants to celebrate family functions as well. Yet, she lives over an hour away. Alas.

Anyhoo, we were all supposed to go out Friday night but my bro was flying out to DC to spend the weekend with his ex (I’m sorry but for me an ex is an ex). So tonight we were to all meet after he landed back in town…at 7pm.

My dad called to tell me 5pm. Loudly in the background, my mother corrected him – 7pm.

My brother asks me to pick him up from the airport. I’m sure this was a way to get out of the “family” gathering.

Act IV.

My dad calls me and tells me that dinner was cancelled. He will pick my brother up from the airport. They will go out to drink.

My brother texts me to let me know that he arrived early. I reply with the new info.

Aside: family logistics are complicated.

My brother texts me that our dad is going to pick him up so I don’t have to.

My father’s birthday. Everyone is invited.



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