More Office Drama & Oh, the Scarves

I went over to my parent’s house yesterday. Sigh.

No, I didn’t check the water pitcher but poured my mother a fresh glass of water.

I also neglected to check to see if she was taking her pills – those are kept in my dad’s office. His desk is covered.

My mother wanted to walk to the beach, go out to eat, etc and so forth, on and on.

I would not indulge.

I gave her water – she has to stay hydrated and keep breathing (she is not a fan of the constant need for breaths).

She lets me take more scarves – I tell ya, this woman and her scarves.

I sit on the floor delighting in books of PG Wodehouse and Lillian Beckwith, and found authors of political persuasion. Declining my inclination to read, I put books that were alike, together.

Soon, she is standing over me. I know her territory well. She smiled and said to take anything. That she wanted to get rid of everything. But I know…I know that she doesn’t want her books to be messy.

I poked through the ever growing abundance of scarves.

She is happy. I am happy.

More cheese with that?


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