from sharks to orcas…

Then the day that she and her dog were swimming in a cove.

My mother thought she saw something rather large and pointed, laying on the bottom but was not clear as to what it was until…

(cue the music)

She and her dog, (yes, the famous Cindy that I was named after), got into their dinghy and rowed towards their boat. Her mother on the boat, urged her to row faster for she saw the fin of the shark following the boat.

My mother turned to see a fin dive into the stillness of the water (should I be a screenwriter or what?)* but she and Cindy (sigh) arrived on the boat safe and sound.

Thennnnn (drumroll maybe?)

We had a 24 foot San Juan. A tiny tiny boat. We were up in some passage around the San Juans and saw some orcas on the left side of the boat. They disappeared into the water.

Our boat started rocking. They appeared on the right side.

And that’s all I remember!



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