Stowe Lake and Cats

I have mentioned this before but when we lived in San Francisco, my parents and I would run/jog around Stowe Lake three times a week. The weekends were for bicycling nine miles, a round trip to the ocean and back.

What lovely days those were.

My mom and I would jog around Stowe Lake in the opposite direction from my dad. As we passed each other, we would give high fives and my mother would look at my dad, admiring how handsome he was.

Then the cats…

My mother would pass three men who would sit by the boathouse. She would see them disappear into the bushes that were in that area.

Finally, one day she approached the men and asked what they were doing with nary a thought about her own welfare.

They led her to a clearing where boxes, crates, and many cats lived. They fed the cats in the park.

…of men and cats.


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