of travels and things…


My parents re-invested in boats when they lived near a marina. There was a lovely 35′ sailing boat that came with a slip. SOLD. They sailed around the Sound and even up to Victoria. I met them once in Victoria to help crew them back home. That was my first time boating with my parents as an adult.

They got tired of maintaining the sailboat and bought a 34′ CHB. It was a gorgeous boat but a bit small. They moved up to a 54′ sedan cruiser, which became their last yacht, Gloria.

For the summers, my parents anchored Gloria in Friday Harbor. Taking her cat, brushes and watercolors, my mother cruised around the harbor in her beautiful Kingston craft and listen to Mariners baseball. Making friends and rescuing her drenched cat from the water, she became well known up there. On Sundays, she walked to the Farmer’s Market and gathered vegetables and fruit for her now diminishing diet.

My parents were also involved in the Golden crowd at the church. They were called the Empty-Nesters. They would travel around the Pacific Northwest, attending Shakespeare plays in Ashland, Oregon and arriving at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, for High Tea on Valentine’s Day.

But home? Home was becoming a distant memory and they wanted to spend more time at home and with my growing family.

They focused on their (now) one time share on Hood Canal and gathered my children as they grew older to accompany them. My kids had a blast as the Kingston was now stationed there and they had a swimming pool for perpetual swimming.

And now, with all that is going on in my parent’s health and the concerns – they are traveling to Alaska in a small cruise ship.



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