Can someone please remind my mother to breathe.



5 thoughts on “breathing

  1. Anxiety. I believe that most of my mother’s Alzheimer’s stems from a lifetime of living on the edge. Yes, she was a very adventurous, young woman but there was a semblance of her personality that I picked up on very early on in life. I haven’t talked about this yet. I will talk about certain aspects of her life where she didn’t enjoy life very much.


  2. Thanks for respondng to my question, I didn’t mean to pry. I thought it may be a physical consequence of the disease. I know a bit about Alzheimer’s but am no expert. I totally understand about dysfunctional dynamics, my own family, in retrospect, were dysfunctional (if that truly has any real meaning) and this has propogated itself down the line. Secrets have and still are a big part of my life and they cause tremendous stress and almost a splitting of self. Now, no more questions from me! I go through all comments on my site once a month and delete them because sometimes they don’t need to be kept in the public domain.

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