Favorite houses and German widows

I visited my parents on Monday. We laughed, talked and grimaced for over two hours.

We discussed San Francisco and restaurants while my mother folded laundry.

Then the question of the day from my dad – what was my favorite house?

His was the Queen Anne on Lyon. I believe this favorite comes from the fact that he accomplished so much in this house. They re-anchored the foundation. Side note: our realtor lived up the block (there’s a lot of “up the blocks in SF”) and his back porch fell off in the 1989 earthquake – ours remained firm…couldn’t fall anyway. ‘Twas a spindly creature from fourth story to ground). He also took our 4 cast iron bathtubs from each apartment (let’s discuss this house later, shall we?)

My mother’s was the Edwardian on 33rd Ave S in Baker Beach, Seattle. She liked it for its large rooms and stained glass panels. I liked it because it had the old radiator heat.

Mine was the lovely stick Victorian one block above Castro. No, it didn’t bother me that a German widow was said to haunt the front room (my room), waiting for her lover to arrive from the sea. We had three fireplaces in the house – one, being in the library where there were built in shelves, cozy chairs and my mother’s desk, now-my-father’s-a-grand-oak-old-thing-quite-lovely. A bookstore was right around the corner where I could buy a Nancy Drew book for $1 and Bing’s Ice Cream was one block down. A snake of people could be seen miles (mild exaggeration) away, waiting for that “one” monstrous scoop.

Our houses are a memorable bunch. I shall write more about them some day soon!

I have been nursing two blogs, pakei.wordpress.com and ampersandthoughts.wordpress.com in the meantime.




One thought on “Favorite houses and German widows

  1. Ooo I shall take a look at your other blogs, if I may. Really enjoyed reading about your houses. Your descriptions made them jump to life for me.


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