a hunter, a dog, baked goods

Once upon a time, a hunter no longer needed his hunting companion so he left him. He left the dog in the woods to starve. The dog wandered for days in search of people who wouldn’t be afraid of him but take him in as their own.

One day, he sniffed the air – chickens, ducks, humans!

He wandered blindly onto some land when he felt the touch of a woman’s hand. He cringed back, wincing from the pain her touch had created. She was firm and took him. Soon, warm sudsy water cascaded over his shoulders and he bolted – or tried to. Firmly gripped, he stood helplessly while she washed him. A leather band was wrapped around his neck and he was allowed to roam free. Opening his own uncrusted eyes, he saw land for miles around.

Walking a little bit forward, uncertain still, he glanced back at the woman. She was smiling and walked towards him. She called him Jude.




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