Jude and the mountain lion

The farm was situated in what used to be, a rural area…farms, of course.

The beehives were hidden in the woods that lay behind the farm. My mother was known for her beekeeping outfit of nightgown and clogs.

My dad once awakened her, “honey, there’s a swarm.” Off she would go to collect the bees.

One particular occasion, she and Jude were walking to collect some honey cones when they happened upon a mountain lion. Jude barked and snarled and thankfully it ran off. My mother sniffed the air. She knew to only be afraid if a mountain lion was marking its territory. This one happened to be passing through. My mother made her way to the bees and collected the cones. Returning safely to the farmhouse unscathed.

Note: No mountain lions were harmed due to this mention.



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