My parents were volunteer firemen when we lived on the Peninsula. That stopped when we moved to the neighborhood of Mt. Baker in Seattle. Their interest turned to boats and they would pull me out of school to go sailing in the San Juan Islands or weekend trips to Blake Island.

While in Seattle, they would go out regularly to listen to Pete Barbutti. They loved him for his comedy and musical talents.

At home, my mother hand fed the squirrels on the front porch. I have pictures and hope to post one tonight.

She was also involved in the League of Women Voters and sang alto at our local church.

I don’t remember much about Seattle as a child but I did feel the change of environment when we moved to San Francisco.

Seattle, as I now know it, offers water, trees and great people. It is a city of various voices that gather as one. Outsiders are welcomed and the pace of life is fast and furious. People move to Seattle to work for great companies and buy that house of their dreams. They can buy yachts and eat comfortably, for there are many restaurants that offer fine cuisine.

Seattle has become a place for those that have the education to pursue dreams of wealth.

Seattle, located in the emerald hills of forest and sky, offers a respite from the world of worry and chaos.


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