Brain surgery

Soon after my mother married my dad, the doctors discovered that she had a benign brain tumor. Wracked with daily pain from a horrendous headache she had sought out the advice of her doctors and they discovered a tumor growing in the left rear portion of her brain.

She had surgery to have to it removed. This was back in the day when they didn’t have the medical equipment for such a thing as dislodging a tumor. She remembers being alone in a room while technicians took x-rays of her brain. The pain was unbearable.

After surgery, the meds were still not up to par as they are today and consumed with pain, she cried out to God.

She writes:

One of those afternoons as I lay there, I was suddenly surrounded with white. The air was white.  Everything was white and there was complete silence. I was lifted up from the hospital, still lying down. It was wonderfully quiet and peaceful. At the foot of my bed was seated a very tall, white figure. One long arm stretched toward my head and I heard the words, “I hear you.” Then his arm moved to my feet and I heard the words, “I’ll be there.” I love to tell this story. I will never, ever forget the sight, the sound, and the joy of that moment.  From that moment out of this world, to the very day of surgery, I was filled with happiness, even excitement! He heard me! He loved and cared about me!



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