4th floor, kitchen, hidden attic

Upon remodeling the 4th floor kitchen, the workers found a hidden door. They opened it and a rather expansive attic on the side of the house was revealed.

Boxes and boxes and more boxes of magazines, letters, and porn from the 1940’s.

This attic lay behind the wall of the main bedroom on that floor but you would have never guessed it. That room was big and papered with designs by Laura Ashley.

I spent hours in that attic. The letters were very interesting and I invested much time in dousing the envelopes in water to loosen the stamps that I wanted for my collection.

They were letters between an Olga Guen (trying to make sure that this was the previous owner of long ago (I don’t want to confuse her with Ursula Le Guin, whose books I was reading at that time)) and either her son or husband who was in the military during World War II. I remember looking excitedly at a telegraph and seeing the black areas that covered the sensitive information – like locations! How exciting and thrilling for my then 12 year old Nancy Drew lover of all mysteries and mysterious stuff.

A gorgeous lamp shade stood in the recesses of the attic and my parents wanted it. They had shown a flashlight around the attic (they couldn’t fit through the door). Thus I had to step over mummified bodies (a little bit of an active imagination then) and bones of pets long gone. (I was truly a romantic – then.)

Light then shown upon a beautiful lampshade, beads looping from the sides and such a curvaceous creature. We still have it.



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