fresh fish, flattened ducks, chicken feet

Living in the city afforded a great find of excellent food. My mother and I would go down to the end of Mission to find the best apple juice in the world, seed bread flavored with poppy seeds, garlic and onion, and different vegetables that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

We once had a Bed and Breakfast guest, turned friend, who came to our house on Lyon to make Paella. She went down to the waterfront to engage the perfect seafood in the formation of this dish. Although the dinner was a meeting of her and her academic friends, I got a cupful and boy, was it delicious!

If you were in need of squid and flattened ducks, they could be found in various parts of the city but Grant and Stockton streets provided the grocery stores where they could be bargained as an inexpensive purchase. I remember watching Mrs. Peacock cut into the squid to release the ink. Fun stuff. (More on the Peacocks later).

Dim Sum! My mother and I would travel around the city in search of the best Chinese restaurants. We found a small cafe where we could get Dim Sum. I remember seeing the cart of goodies. I had no idea I had order chicken feet.

On our first night in San Francisco, we were staying in the Holiday Inn nestled just outside of China Town. We ventured out to find a restaurant and found one somewhere (I can’t remember everything). But I remember we tried sizzling rice and gyoza. Not the best restaurant – that was known as the Coca-Cola restaurant.

It was said at one time that if everyone who lived in San Francisco, sat down in restaurants, there would be room left over. That is still true to this day.



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