lunch, my mother, her antics…

I had lunch with my parents last Saturday. My mother went over the event that put her in the Emergency Room and we ate and talked and laughed.

After mistaking a man standing next to me to be connected to me (they are desperate for me to have any guy as a boyfriend*), we sat down and went over some of the stories in her book.

She told me of her having to draw an uterus for a science project. She was creative and drew a woman posed as leaning on her side with one arm, glamorously, situated behind her head.

Her parents were called into the office after that episode.

*Never going to have “any guy” for a boyfriend. I am not desperate.

BTW, where was my father you might ask? He is not a listener so he leaned back in his chair after gorging on his sticky bun. Diet? Him? Oh gosh no. They live like teenagers. My mother watches her weight drop with delight as he goes to the gym and stuffs baked goods in his mouth.

My parents are a hoot! Love them.



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