…I would hold the oars and swim to shore…”

My mother’s need for adventure often exceeds her penchant for living.

“Paul is bring Josiah over later with the truck so they can move my rowboat to the beach.”

Exclaimed with delight, to my dismay.

But we have to let our mother’s experience life, yes?

I asked quite calmly, “what will you do if the boat tips over?”

She looked at me with equal calm and replied, “I will be wearing a life jacket. I will take the oars, in either arm and swim for shore.”

It’s that easy. That is my mother.

She said again how my dad won’t let her row. I know. They are using every excuse in the book to delay her much wanted adventure.

I want her to experience being out on the water where she learned everything about life but I also want the Coast Guard present, the best swimmers from the local high school, and an EMT available. Nothing major but I do want her to live her life as she wants.



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