of turmeric and coconuts…

In Maui, my sister lives off of her land. Growing multiple avocado varieties on one tree – six, I believe and many other wonders that help her to lively quite nicely despite her medical condition.

She concocted a turmeric and coconut oil solution for my mother. I gave it a taste one day and the wonders of the earth lit a fire on my tongue. It tasted so healthy and was delicious. My mother is to have a bite or two of the mixture at least once a day – but she forgets and all gets spoiled.

I discovered some turmeric root in an Asian grocery store and bought some coconut oil/butter to mix with it. It won’t be the same but perhaps it will help. I will share it with my mother. I am excited. I hope it does more than act as a placebo for the want of my mother’s health.


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