anxiety…the beast of all memory loss?

Anxiety is the beast of my mother’s memory loss.

I have been listening to various people talk about the impact of anxiety – causes and solutions and have come to a conclusion – anxiety caused my mother’s journey into Alzheimers.

I have watched my mother adjust her anxiety as she creates environments where she can be comfortable. I have watched my dad do everything he can, to help her to be calm and happy.

My anxiety is shown through an early onset of essential tremor. Whenever I feel pressured or anxious, my right hand (the once, dominant appendage) shakes so hard I can’t do anything. Sometimes when I am cold or anxious or both, my right leg starts to shake as  well. This can be embarrassing and propels the tremor to last longer. Breathing deeply and relaxing, through meditation, helps my body to calm and rest.

My mother’s anxiety comes from her thoughts, often translated into words that make her and those around her jumpy if they are not firmly established in their own efficacy.

Breathing, meditation, resting in the moment helps prevails a stay of anxiety. Remembering to lower my shoulder, breathe, and love each moments, grounds me into my own efficacy and acceptance of the present.

And now I teach my daughters as we walk, hand in hand.




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