A New Year?

I wish we would look upon each new year as just another moment to begin afresh and rise anew in each new God-given moment.

New Years with family recall the proverbial game hens my mother would cook. My dad and I worked it off by taking the bus to Krissy Field where we watched the fireworks with delight.

She always stayed home. I don’t know if this illustrates the reclusive nature of our family or if she simply needed rest. She never watched TV until quite lately. Coming home, I don’t have memories of her.

My new year begins with the breath of each moment as I move forward in delight to capture the beauty that God inspires.

My new year often begins with frozen arms around my children as we watch the fireworks cascade over downtown. Those are fun times and I wouldn’t miss them for the world. This year, they spent new years with their dad and even though I was glad for the warmth of staying indoors, I missed them dreadfully.


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