The Election and Fun Stories

During the voting season, my mother would turn the bottom floor of our Queen Anne into a polling station. I would come home from school with people coming in and out of our house – people, I didn’t know.

What an occasion for a young teenager to experience. Including that moment when my parents moved back to Seattle and I had to go to another polling “booth” aka Someone’s House. They had now designated Republican and Democratic booths with colors and names so that everyone knew the pledge of your voting record.

My mother was involved in politics ever since I can remember. First on the farm as she denied one party her membership due to their handing out funds to people like her, as poor, but not like her, lazy. Moving to Seattle broadened her scope as she gained the privilege of being a member of the League of Women Voters. Then onward to San Francisco where she battled in the courts as juror (drawing pictures of the proceedings) and then helping to establish a Historical District so that people couldn’t demolish the beloved leaning Victorian houses.

I learned a lot from her – often to the derision of my half brothers and sister who believed I sucked every ounce of ideology from my parents alone. Yet I did not. Feeling the influence of all things politic from school to home to what the TV aired, I subscribed to Mother Jones, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and a magazine that gave its portion of news around the world – World News?

My mother bequeathed me her insight, sense of humor, knowledge, and a need for truth.

She will forever be a great role model.


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