Learning From Her Stories

My mother is either extrapolating an increasingly amount of content from her past childhood (boyfriend from Kindergarten to Grade 3 or making beer at the ripe age of 10) or her life is now surfacing on cue from neurons wasted from the plaque that causes Alzheimer’s Disease.

They are fun but confusing for I have never heard of the aforementioned boyfriend or that she had enough of the ingredients to make beer. She had a keg in her bedroom? Her parents allowed that?

I think of who she has been in contact lately and find that my ex sister-in-law paid a visit. She might have told my mother about her brother’s beer-making. Combining this with the bedroom which was once clean but now constantly dirty, I think she used this story to her bad repute!

She is an artist. Painter, writer, dreamer, chef, and lover of all people. Finding content from all that she is includes including who she contacts.

These stories…a perfect rendering of her last decades of life.


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