You can’t cage my mother

And please don’t.

A health care assessment nurse visited my parents at their house last Monday. I dialed into my sister’s phone while she skyped with our parents and my brother.

Trying to find assistance for two proud people, is hard. My dad thinks he can do it himself. But he can’t pick her up when she falls. He can’t be expected to be at the house 100% of the time. He needs time to recuperate and heal too. He has a heart…

I don’t want to cage my mother but we are looking at options to have a nurse visit her at least 3 times a week. That coupled with the house”cleaner” should help keep my mother hydrated and nourished.

My task? To find interesting things to satiate her thirst. They have to be trendy and fun to help her drink water.

We must do what we can’t to not cage her while she is still somewhat lucid. I dread the thought of having to put her in a home someday but no doubt, that shall have to be done as well.


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