Bad Night – Good Talk

My mom called me tonight. We had such a lovely chat.

I tried to downplay my strife but she sensed it. Asking pointedly, “what’s wrong dear? Talk to me Cynthia.”

She is a brave woman! She puts up with so much. Yes, she pretty much has all that she wants but she just found out that her neck pain was caused by her bones fusing together.

There lies no despondency with her. She has suffered this horrendous pain for months and just thought to ask her bone doctor about it. Now, on the most strictest of medicines, she was just now waiting patiently for the hour when she could take the next capsule that would bring a brief respite.

My mother has been through so much. Tonight as I wept on my bed, asking God to hear me, he sent her to listen and soothe. You would imagine that I would have learned calming methods by now but her voice assailed the antagonist and freed me from the want of worrying.

It was a bad night. We had a good talk.

I am blessed.


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