Push to growth

I recently had to push a very good friend away so that I might grow. The spirit/child surged in feeling while the flesh/ego pushed against, thwarting growth.

Learning to love that spirit/child has help me so much to accept how I love myself, how my parents love me, how my children love me, and others.

To see that spirit/child grow tremendously but painfully, rewards my soul and spirit with beauty and wonder.

Sometimes all it takes is the push to growth that helps us to love and accept love.

Some of us have issues with our parents. We don’t feel their love. But it is there, broken or not, the love they give can reach to the core of who we are.

Come and fly with me to the depths of tranquility – there is peace, joy, and much love to behold.

Hold my hand as I hold the hand that loves me so well ~ my mother.


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