Anxiety, Alzheimer’s, ANTS

Automatic Negative Thoughts change healthy thoughts into negative ones.

As I work through what Eckhart Tolle calls “pain bodies”, I learn from the incredible relief of patiently and humbly working through useless ANTS that cause anxiety to turn into Alzheimer’s Disease.

Spending time with my parents invokes a rise of ANTS to an elevated and heightened awareness kept on the edge by my mother’s needs. To be held in check by one’s allowance is to give in to the ANTS. I find balance in rendering myself a complete person to consistently be grounded in each moment despite being surrounded by non-like-minded people.

Then the moment that she remembers the peace and tranquility of a walk at dusk, illustrates a momentary recognition of beauty.

Rising from the ground as an authentic being bereft of the pain that surrounds, invokes images of might and confidence in the spirit/child. To exist as such, predominates situations that call for strength.

As I grow stronger despite the magnificent pain body that emerges to teach, I strengthen each resolve to acclimate to the beauty found within…holding the hand of the spirit/child whose hand brings my mother forward into the end of a beautiful journey of a lifetime.



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