I grew up waiting for a mother who had to put her “face on.”

“Honey, you are so lucky that you have a face already,” she would tell me over and over again.

I grew up sitting nicely and looking pretty. My mother was cultured and always fashionable – buying the latest trends in school ware. She was never far from an outfit.

Then her face lift, tummy tuck, and tattooed eye brows.

As much as I would bereave myself of all flesh/ego and dwell solely on my spirit/child, I find myself catching a glimpse my reflection more than once a day. I used to be very self conscious but as grounding and centering becomes the normal, I am less concerned with that flesh/ego and thrive in my spirit/child.

And now, to finally embrace all that I am in spirit and soul – to espy a graciously matured woman in the mirror as myself.

Yes, I wake up with a face but my spirit/child glows from within to the outside.



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