Feeling the pain

Oh how the flesh/ego cries against the spirit/child. How it wants to be heard in the soft murmured depths of the spirit/child.

To utterly feel the heat of pain as it flushes my cheeks, burns in my chest, and dulls my bones. To feel the hurt of a dreadful loss. To just feel and not think about it. To feel every ounce of my flesh/ego cry out in pain – its need to connect versus the patience held by my spirit/child.

To truly feel.

I am the tie breaker. One who stands in front of my children. Everything happens to me first then immerses…slowly…to them. As I grow and learn, so do they. Change is possible at any age, in any time, in the moment, and with love and patience. We must learn to love ourselves – to enjoy fully the universe of our own soul – the spirit/child.

If only I could wrap my mother’s thoughts into a woven pattern, guised for her health.

Feeling the heaviness of the present pain – the crushing weight of self-inflicted hurt. Thankful I am surrounded by beauty and love, I breathe.


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