“soon” and “come”

My mother took me aside today and told me about hearing a voice.

“It will all be over soon.”

In regards to her death, I remember being aware that my mother could die during my childhood.

Soon after my mother’s best friend died, my mother told me the following:

“I had a dream last night. Marilyn was in a beautiful garden. She waved me over and told me to come to her.”

I, too, was given the impression on New Year’s Eve that this would be my last year. It came on very strong. But does that mean I need to live in fear or dread? No. Resting in the feeling of each moment helps me to be.

Soon after my mother told me about hearing this voice, she berated my dad and I for not letting her row. I have taken it upon my hands to coordinate  a good time with her neighbor who has a Skiddoo, and a movie crew to film her leap into the water.

Water, earth, and sky and her first love was the water.

I cried when my mom told me. I hate that my parents see themselves in their last days. My dad just turned 78 and my mother is 86. They still have years to live!

It could be “soon” or “come” but I prefer to feel the state of being.


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